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Alloy & Brass Urns

Metal urns provide a secure resting place for your beloved pet.

Black & Gold: #515

Black & Gold Urn

Free Shipping.
$131.95 to $189.95

Brushed Pewter: #722

Pewter Urn

Free Shipping
$131.95 to $189.95

Odyssey Cat Urn: 2165

Brass Cat Urn

Free shipping.

Odyssey Dog Urn: 2164

Brass Dog Urn

Free Shipping

Silver Gold: #509

Silver Gold Brass Urn

Free Shipping
$131.95 to $189.95

Silver with Bone Medallion

Silver urn with bone medallion.

Free shipping

Slate Finish Urn: #680

Slate Finish Urn

Pictured with Urn Medallion sold separately. Free Shipping.
$124.95 to $154.95

Brass Dog House: #883

Brass Dog House Urn

Free Shipping

Page 1 of 1                                
Items 1-8 of 8

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