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Ray - We Miss You!
1998 - 2012



My family and I had to say goodbye to our beautiful cat Maggie recently.
Her photos above show her from a few years ago as she should be remembered:
happy, healthy and full of personality.



My Kaspar….my heart.

“Five dogs are too many!” The sound of my husband’s voice as he was getting our eager pack of dogs ready for their walk. Their ages ranging from 8 weeks old to 11 years old. The youngest ones try their hardest so sit still for their collars to be fastened but their little feet just keep moving, even they are moving in place.

After a firm “Whoa” command from daddy. The door opens….they all wait for the “OK” command to begin their adventure.  As they sit waiting….their little feet still moving in place. They finally hear the word “OK” and off they go! Their little feet are finally moving their legs faster & faster into the field. Except for one.

Kaspar was 12 weeks old when we brought him home in 2002. Our first Weimaraner pup and also our first pup together as a couple. Full of energy and brains, Kaspar went from the beginner’s obedience class through to the advanced obedience class in just under a year. We nicknamed him the “little business man” because all he wanted to do was learn more and more.

Knowing that we would have to find a job for him, we started to train Kaspar to work in the field. A job which Weimaraners are bred to do. After reading several books and watching many videos. We realized that Kaspar figured out what we were trying to teach him well before we realized what we were doing. This was our first bird dog – we had no clue! But Kaspar seemed to read our minds and eventually turned into a hunting machine.

We downsized twice in the past decade which also meant moving 2 times. Kaspar seemed to take it all in stride…just as long as he was with mommy & daddy, he was happy. He loved to fetch his tennis balls, stuffed toys, sticks, even a few small pumpkins we had. It didn’t matter, if you could throw it, he’d bring it back.

As he got older, we noticed he was starting to slow down. No longer able to go on the annual Grouse trips with daddy, he’d stay home and “guard the house” with the beagle and mommy. A job that he took seriously.

March 4, 2013 started off as any normal (Or closest to normal with 5 dogs) day. Kaspar was tired, I could tell, he didn’t even want to go on a walk with us. He just stayed by the house watching as the other 4 ran in the field. Then out of the beautiful blue sky one of his favorite birds, a rooster pheasant, landed in front of him. He had the energy to run over to it and investigate.

A few hours later, Kaspar passed away in my arms. He was laying on his favorite “retirement couch” that daddy bought him the previous summer. There was no fear or anxiety. Just a peaceful passing. He was at home with all of us around him. As he took his last breath my soul cried out and a piece of my heart went with him.

I believe that God gives you what He knows you can handle. He blessed us with the responsibility of this wonderful creature and for that I am truly thankful! I have no regrets at all with Kaspar – everything we wanted to accomplish with Kaspar, we did. We gave him a full life with many adventures. We made many friends because of him. And in return, he loved us completely.

I no longer  hear “Five dogs are too many!”. I no longer hear Kaspar quietly huffing at me because it’s time to eat. I no longer hear his footsteps coming down the hall. All of that is now kept in my memories and my heart.

I will miss him forever!



Life Without Kaspar

March 4, 2013. At 10:21 pm that evening, my life changed forever. Kaspar, while in my arms, took his final breath on this earth and moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. I never thought I’d be able to live without him. He was my heart.

Rewind a bit to December 4, 2012. The day I drove two hours to the airport to pick up our 8 week old puppy who was more than ready to get out of his travel crate. As I was driving the 2 hours home, I wondered how the rest of the pack would react to this little one that we named “Spiller” after Burton Spiller – the outdoor writer. I was particularly worried how Kaspar would react to Spiller since Kaspar was almost 11 years old.

It was amazing to see Kaspar & Spiller together. Spiller followed Kaspar around. Kaspar slept alot and the puppy was never far away from Kaspar. The night that Kaspar passed away, Spiller never left his side. Even though they only got to spend 4 months together they became very close.

I say this because in the 2 1/2 years since Kaspar has passed I see alot of him in Spiller. We even refer to Spiller as “Bubba Jr.” since Kaspar’s nickname was “Bubba”. I catch myself calling Spiller “Bubba” or even “Kaspar”. We never got Spiller to be a replacement for Kaspar but I see so many similarities in the two.

Being in the pet loss industry, you see & hear of these stories all the time and it breaks your heart. And I don’t pretend to have any words of wisdom when we lose these little fur kids. I often wonder if Kaspar knew he didn’t have much time left so he tried to mentor the puppy and show him how to be a good boy? Did he somehow “download” his knowledge to the puppy?

All I know is that sometimes you truly never “get over” the loss of a pet. I am a testimony to that. I’ve learned to cope without him and still miss him every single day. However, I have also learned in the past 2 1/2 years to appreciate and love the ones that I do have because you never know how much time you have with them. They definitely teach me more than I have taught them!

Dear Kaspar: Thank you for everything you have taught me and thank you for being a part of our family. I love and will miss you forever!



          2007 - 2021 • Forever In My Heart



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